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Device, Item, and Cell Policy

January 01, 2020

Set clear expectations for members and families regarding technology at the Club. 

Joy @ Work

February 19, 2018

Promote joy in the workplace with these simple ideas! 

Somehow I Manage: Program of the Month

February 19, 2018

Recognize your programs with this awesome honor! 

Somehow I Manage: YDP of the Month Program

September 20, 2017

Create a premier recognition program for youth development professionals! 

How to Argue at Work

September 18, 2018

Change the way you think about arguments with this special post! 

Teacher of the Month Program

August 07, 2017

Recognize the teachers who work with your kiddos! 

Observe This!

August 07, 2017

Oftentimes, a necessary part of our jobs is to observe and/or review our staff members or programs. Finding easy to understand, targeted review templates is difficult. Check out these amazing templates! 

2017 BGCA National Conference

June 09, 2017

Check out this comprehensive review of the National Boys & Girls Clubs of America Conference. This post even includes full notes of actual training opportunities at the event! 

On-Boarding New Staff

January 01, 2020

Attempt to prevent turnover and ensure your staff are the best prepared for the most important job in the world! 

Helpless Handraisers

January 01, 2020

When you want to support kiddos, but need to maintain appropriate distance! 

Member Behavior Profiles

September 03, 2016

Learn how to manage and celebrate members with emotional or Behavioral challenges! 

Somehow I Manage: The Staffle

September 03, 2016

Want to be a great manager? Try this! 

Interview with the VampHIRE

September 03, 2016

Learn ways to hire the best staff possible using this great interview process! 

The Program Plan

September 03, 2016

Want to Have more effective clubs and programs? Check this out! 

Somehow I Manage: The Staff Shout Out Board

September 03, 2016

Want to be a great Manager!? Try this technique! 

Three Tips for Better Communication

September 03, 2016

Learn how to be a better communicator with these easy steps! 

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