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This is one of the best programs I've ever run. When I was a Club Program Manager in Lawrence, Kansas, my good friend and die hard would you rather player, Tristan aka t-drizzle aka fog horn leg horn aka my dear friend introduced me to Color Wars. I have used the past 4 years perfecting this program into a what I call, "A GAME CHANGER!" In recent months, however, we have decided to change the name of this program to: CLUB CHALLENGE! Want to provide fun and uphold healthy lifestyles, good character and citizenship, and academic success? CLUB CHALLENGE. Have discipline issues? CLUB CHALLENGE. Want a sense of Club pride and unity? Ladies and gentlemen, CLUB CHALLENGE. So today I have provided you with this incredible starter pack. Everything you need to know to start this program at your Club. Have ideas, questions, or suggestions? Subscribe and submit! Also, please feel free to make comments or email me with anything else you might need!

Click here to learn about what CLUB CHALLENGE is!

Click here to see how CLUB CHALLENGE can benefit your Club!

Click here to see what Day 1 of CLUB CHALLENGE should look like!

Click here to see your CLUB CHALLENGE Start Up Sheet!

Click here to see the CLUB CHALLENGE Challenge Collection #1

Click here to see the CLUB CHALLENGE Point Tracker

Click here to see the CLUB CHALLENGE Suggestion Form

Click here to see what a CLUB CHALLENGE Dodge Ball Tournament could look like!

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