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On the Spot Fun Collection #1

If you know me, you know I say one of two things at work on a regular basis.

1. Adapt or Die

2. Don't use the F word!

Look, sometimes I cuss like a sailor (not at work obvs) so you know the F word is not the actual F word. For me, the F word is FREE TIME. I don't like it for several reasons.

1. The majority of incident reports happen during free time.

2. The majority of behavior reports happen during free time.

3. Most of the time, kids are not engaged in high-yield learning or fun.

When I was a high school teacher, we were taught to have a list of Sponges: ideas or activities to "soak" up the remaining time in an hour. I have used this same idea at the Club for several years. Because I understand that school is not the Club, these "On the Spot Fun" ideas are more high-energy and interactive. They are a great resource for staff and can help ensure your members are getting the best possible experience at the Club.

Click here for On the Spot Fun: Collection #1

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