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Eat at Work

I will be the first to admit that it is difficult to manage a healthy lifestyle in our field. We work several hours and often forget to eat, drink water, and even go pee pee. Before we know it the day is over and we realize that we haven't had anything to eat in the last 8 hours. We teach our members about healthy lifestyles everyday, but we can often forget about our healthy lifestyles. A couple of months ago, I did my first round of Whole 30, a lifestyle change that focuses on healthy eating. You can eat delicious foods like meats, seafood, eggs, fats, veggies, fruit, nuts, and seeds. You avoid sugar, dairy, legumes, grains, or anything bad for you. It takes planning, but man, oh man, is it worth it! For more information, you can click here. I have always struggled with my weight and Whole 30 completely changed my perspective on food. The best part? I felt better. I had more energy at work, I didn't eat because of stress, I was able to be a better me. Because Whole 30 changed my perceptive in so many ways, I have continued to adopt similar eating patterns by eating Paleo.

These lists of Must Have Items are the perfect way to begin incorporating healthier foods into your daily routine! If you have ideas or success stories about how you balance your health and work, PLEASE share!

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