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Patriot's Day Packet

I was a freshman in high school. I stayed home because I had a fever and was sick as a dog. I was home alone and sleeping on the bottom of my bunk bed. I woke up suddenly as my mom called the cordless phone. She said, “Honey, turn on the TV.” I was out of it as I just woke up and while rubbing my eyes said, “which channel?”

She responded, “It doesn’t matter…”

I was so confused. I turned on my 19” tube TV and went numb. I heard screaming, crying. I saw smoke, tons of smoke. Chills formed all over my body and I know it was not because of the fever. I had so many questions. A second building fell.

As after-school professionals we have the unique ability to help kids understand things they don’t. Since the majority of kiddos we serve weren’t even alive when these tragic events occurred, I feel it is vital to teach members and to be available to answer questions un-biasedly.

Every year, my Clubs celebrate Patriot’s Day. On this day, we remember, celebrate, and educate. While each member will soak up this information differently, it is important to find fun, interactive ways to teach about 9/11 to ensure retention and to encourage compassion.

Check out these amazing resources from my Program Director days, the interwebs, and my current Program Director, Amber. Please feel free to share your ideas as well! Don’t forget to subscribe!

Click here for a sample schedule and activity list created by Amber!

Click here for another sample schedule and activity list!

Check out this website for amazing lesson plans by grade:

Check out this website for activity and teaching ideas:

Check out this website for interactive videos and comprehensive ways to teach kids about


Check out this write up about Patriot's Day 2015 (includes some great ideas): For members of the Boys & Girls Club of Springfield-Sertoma Unit Patriot’s Day and 9/11 Remembrance Day serves two purposes. First, the Club provides opportunities for members to celebrate heroes, bravery, and commitment to safety. Members made thank you cards for service men and women, made collages of heroes in their lives, and reviewed ways to always incorporate the Club’s number one priority: safety. Second, the most important aspect of our 9/11 event was to educate and remember the tragic events that faced our county 15 years ago. The majority of our members are not familiar with these events and the Sertoma Unit makes it a priority to educate. Members participated in a number of activities in order to achieve this. For example, members listened to songs about 9/11, such as “Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning” by Alan Jackson. They discussed its meaning and the effects 9/11 had on the country. Members also learned about moments of silence and what they symbolize after participating in one. Members colored posters and created a memory wall. Members watched a cartoon video explaining the events of 9/11. Members learned about what the World Trade Center and Pentagon do in order to increase their understanding of the attacks. Finally, members learned about diversity and acceptance by exploring what makes them different and special. Members of the Boys & Girls Club of Springfield-Sertoma Unit will continue to learn about the events of 9/11 and celebrate patriotism and bravery. This day, dedicated to remembrance and education serves as tool for never forgetting and continued celebration of those who keep us safe.

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