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You Know You Are An After-School Professional When...

1. Someone says "Hey, there is diarrhea in the hallway" and you shrug it off and grab a mop.

2. You tell someone what you do and they ask, "Is that all? What do you do besides that in the middle of the day?"

3. A parent says you don't like their kid because you keep writing them up for behavior violations.

4. It is payday and you're so excited to see your check...and then you see your check.

5. People ask you if you have kids and you respond, "yeah, I have 225!"

6. You spend weekends on Pinterest or thinking of cool ideas to do for your kiddos.

7. You get excited about bulletin boards.

8. You fake smile and calmly explain, "we are not a daycare and here is why..."

9. It is Friday and you are so ready to have a weekend, but then...

10. You have come up with a number of secret swear words. BARNACLES! FLAPJACK! DIBBLEDANK!

11. You have heard a number of different names for private parts. "He punched me in the wiener!" "My Johnson itches!" "She kicked me in my flower garden!"

12. You forget to eat.

13. You have tried to be serious or discipline in full spirit day gear or with a face full of paint.

14. You give 100+ side hugs or fist bumps a day.

15. You used to cave when you saw a kid cry and now it doesn't phase you!

16. You have that one kid that knows how to push your buttons but when he/she says "Hi! I missed you this weekend" you feel a sense of accomplishment and pride!

17. You are always tired and just try to make it work.

18. You have heard all the jokes about "working at da Club" or "how it is fun to stay at the YMCA!"

19. You hear a Top 40 Pop Song without a cuss word and celebrate because you can play it for kiddos!

20. You know every word to "Let it Go!"

21. You feel pain when your kiddos feel pain.

22. You think about leaving the field and then realize you can't because it is your passion.

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