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Engineering Week

Hello everyone! Long time, no post! I have been so blessed over the past couple of months. I got a promotion and work has been so time-consuming. But, today I am so excited to share with you about one of the most impactful, exciting weeks at the Club. In conjunction with National Engineering Week, all four Units in Springfield hosted a week full of programming, animation, building, and more.

The week kicked off with an "Ask an Engineer" event hosted by U.S. Cellular. Members learned about engineering careers in the community and participated in hands on activities. Tuesday was all about coding and programming, Wednesday taught animation, Thursday was building and measuring, and Friday was an amazing celebration with guest speakers in engineering fields.

Click here for a complete schedule of events and curriculum for the week.

After compiling information from the post questionnaire:

  1. 100% of members said they learned something new.

  2. 87% of members said they feel more confident with coding and programming.

  3. 80% of members said they feel more confident with animation.

  4. 95% of members said they could become an Engineer if they wanted to.

  5. Overall, members had the most fun during the building portion of the program where they used spaghetti, marshmallows, legos, blocks, and random materials to create and build.

I do this thing called a Plus/Delta that I learned during my teaching years. Once a lesson or event is complete, I like to fill one of these forms out to highlight the successes and areas for improvement. Here is what I came up for this year's Engineering Week:


All four Units in Springfield ran the program

We targeted female members

We targeted those not typically engaged in STEM activities

High-yield activities were presented throughout the event

The staff responsible for implementing the event was trained, excited, and qualified

Guest speakers from the community

Celebration and Recognition

Media Coverage-LOOK! We were even featured in our local newspaper


Would be good to provide additional materials and activities for those members who finish early

Would be beneficial to host an actual, in person, training to help staff be more successful

The materials presented during the US Cellular presentation could be more age appropriate

This week was so much fun and members had a great time. They especially loved the personal recognition they got form staff. We used this program for members 9-12 and the program ran for 2-3 hours a day for a week. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

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