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On-boarding New Staff

Several after school programs have "down weeks" where they have the opportunity restart, decorate, and plan for the next big chunk of time. This usually happens right before summer or after summer.

But what happens when a new staff comes in the middle of the year? You already have your veteran staff prepared and ready to serve kiddos, but often it can become difficult to manage your time to adequately train a new staff while balancing your current responsibilities.

While this may be difficult, I cannot stress enough how crucial it is to train and prepare your staff for entering the after school world. When we "throw" a new staff into an area, we can often have higher turnover, more discipline issues with members, and other nasty problems.

Whenever I fist started with the Boys & Girls Club, I hired my first staff member. I felt important. Like I was making a decision that would hopefully greatly impact the lives of kids. I found someone that I thought would be perfect to lead a group of kindergartners. She had experience working in a daycare. On day one, I had her spend time getting to know members. I threw her right in. I thought getting to know members was the best first step. But I failed to give her any kind of plan to interact or deal with those members if something happened. I guess in my mind I thought that she is just getting to know members, that obviously means there would be no discipline issues, incidents, or anything of the sort. Everything would be roses?

Let's just say it was a disaster. And she quit 3 days later. I did not adequately prepare her to do what, I consider the most important job in the world. I quickly learned the importance of training staff FULLY before they set foot in an area to ensure the safety of members.

Click here for a new staff on-boarding training checklist sample that can help with on-boarding new staff members.

Click here for a Why Are You Here document that highlights the importance and programs of the Club.

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Click here for a sample cleaning checklist

Click here for classroom management training I developed last year

Click here for sample Program Plan templates

If there is additional information you would like or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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