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Observe This!

Oftentimes, a necessary part of our jobs is to observe and/or review our staff members or programs. Finding easy to understand, targeted review templates is difficult.

These sample observation templates can be very helpful when attempting to ensure a quality Club experience.

Quick/Drop In Observation

This observation is ideal for a drop-in, quick review of a staff member.

Click here for the At a Glance Observation created by Tony Ary, Program Director

Program Centered Evaluations with Some Staff Observation

These observations are ideal for evaluating the efficacy of programs with slight observation of the staff.

Click here for a Program Scorecard to help evaluate a program and/or the staff running it

Click here for a sample Program Area Evaluation

Staff Observation

This observation is ideal for a more in-depth evaluation of a staff member and can include goal setting

Click here for a Youth Development Professional Performance Management Evaluation developed by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Skagit County

Click here for a Club professional Performance Evaluation created by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield.

If you have any observation tools, templates, or techniques, please feel free to share and I will post them on this page!

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