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Teacher of the Month Award Program

A lot of after-school programs exist in schools. And even if they don't, a Teacher of the Month program is an excellent way to build rapport with the schools you serve.

Our Teacher of the Month Program does the following:

  1. Shows appreciation for teachers.

  2. Enables members to share their experiences from school.

  3. Builds rapport between schools and Clubs.

Here is what a Teacher of the Month Award Program can look like:

  1. Each month, have staff members nominate a teacher who has had a real impact on members or the Club. I like drawing connections to the Club, because it encourages and celebrates partnerships between schools and Clubs.

  2. The nomination process could be as simple as writing names on a piece of paper and having members put their nominations in a bucket by a certain day of the week. It could be as formal as using a nomination form like this one.

  3. Name a Teacher of the Month on the same day each month.

  4. The Teacher of the Month should receive some sort of recognition like the following:

  5. A Teacher of the Month certificate.

  6. Click here for a generic certificate! I am happy to help personalize for you if you would like, just shoot me a message.

  7. Teacher of the Month write-up on social media.

  8. You can use your Club's social media pages to promote your recognition program and to recognize the Teacher of the Month winner!

  9. Teacher of the Month recognition board at your Club.

  10. Use one of your bulletin boards to post a picture or write-up about your month's winner. You can even include the Teacher of the Month with your Members or Staff of the Month.

  11. A Teacher of the Month invitation to visit the Club.

  12. I love doing this. It gives people from the "public" a chance to see what you are all about. I cannot tell you how many times teachers have come to the Club and said, "I had no idea about everything you do...I thought you were just like a daycare or something..."

  1. If your after-school program is in a school, it is often easier to encourage teachers to come the Club. If you are a more traditional Unit, send an invite along with whatever way you decide to recognize the Teacher of the Month!

  2. A small Teacher of the Month token like a new EXPO marker, pen, candy, etc.

  3. This is not necessary, but can really make someone feel special. Also, it is cheap!

This is a really simple program and can have some BIG results. If you have any questions, need additional information, or want me to make a certificate for you, just holler at me!

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