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Somehow I Manage: Program of the Month Recognition

These posts will share some management tricks I use/have used/will never use again!

For as long as I have managed people, I have been told that I am a good leader. I have limited staff turnover in a field where that epidemic is high. Several of my staff tell me I am the best boss they have had, although they know I love a good brown nosing. My staff seem generally happy most of the time. So what's the key to my success?

I really don't have an answer. I have things that I do that seem to work and when I can, I love to share those ideas with you!

Today... The Program of the Month Recognition Program!

I love this program. I love programs that are born because of members or staff. Part-time staff were looking for additional ways to get recognized for their hard work. This recognition program allows Youth Development Professionals, members, and programs to be honored. The main goal of this idea is to recognize original program ideas that provide meaningful experiences for members.

This recognition looks for a program that:

  1. Highlights one or more of the Boys & Girls Club’s Priority Outcomes.

  2. Provides opportunity.

  3. Increases member knowledge base.

  4. Makes a difference.

Why is this an important program?

  1. We have the opportunity to recognize Youth Development Professionals.

  2. We have the opportunity to recognize quality programs/clubs/events.

  3. This kind of recognition is an excellent resume builder.

  4. This kind of recognition can help retain quality Youth Development Professionals.

  5. This kind of recognition can give members and parents a better idea of what the Boys & Girls Club offers to members.

What do winning staff members gain?

  1. Recognition for their hard work and dedication to the movement.

  2. A program/club/event highlight spot in the Club hallway.

  3. A program/club/event highlight spot on the website.

  4. A program/club/event highlight in the Challenge Newsletter.

  5. $10-$20 extra area budget to run the program/club.

Nominators may nominate a program, club, or event each month. One winner per month will be recognized. Once applications are received, the Director of Programs and a team of anonymous judges will pick a winning program/club/event. Applications are due the 1st Tuesday of each month by 11:59pm. Nominators complete the attached application and turn it in with any additional necessary documents to thier Program Director. He/She will be responsible for choosing the featured application and submitting the completed application to the Director of Programs. Only complete applications will be accepted.

SOCIAL MEDIA: post pictures of the winning program on social media, recognize the staff who developed the program, and spread the word about your organization!

NOTIFICATION: When a program is chosen, send out an email letting them know the great news! Here is a sample:

Hello Karla!

My name is Brandy Harris and I am the Director of Programs and the Sertoma Unit Director. It is my pleasure to let you know that your Grossology program has been named the October Program of the Month.

To earn this distinction, you must display commitment to the Boys & Girls Club Movement, ensure the emotional and physical safety of children, provide mentorship, direction, guidance, and opportunity for Club members, and go above and beyond your job description. I, along with the selection committee, agree that you have done all of these things and absolutely deserve this title.

As the winner of October Program of the Month, you will receive a write up in the Challenge Newsletter, be featured on social media, receive a certificate, and be able to participate in opportunities that recognize your hard work.

Also, for your effort, you will receive an additional $20 to use toward your program. You may fill out a supply request and submit to your Program Director.

Thank you so much for your dedication to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield and the Musgrave Unit! I cannot wait to see all the amazing things you continue to do for our Club members. Please let me know if you have any questions.

March: Debate Club, Henderson Unit

April: Code Like a Pro, Sertoma Unit

May: We Mean Business, Sertoma Unit

June: Walk and Talk Club, Henderson Unit

July: Outstanding Ology, Sertoma Unit

August: Detective Hour, Stalnaker Unit

September: Culture Craze, Sertoma Unit

October: Grossology, Musgrave Unit

Click here for a PDF version of the Program of the Month Distinction Nomination form

Click here for an editable version of the Program of the Month Distinction Nomination form

Click here for a sample supply request for the program

SIDE NOTE: You could even change the questions on the application to reflect those that are asked on honor award applications to make that process a bit easier!

Take a look at some past winning programs!

Ideas or questions? Subscribe and Submit!

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