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BGC Week

Boys & Girls Clubs is one of my favorite times of the year. It is a chance for us to celebrate all things BGC including our members, staff, and everyone who makes us possible! Sometimes though, it can be difficult to come up with high-yield, fun activities to engage members.

There are so many possibilities, but I love to incorporate things that show off why the Club is..."A Place to Become"

Yes, I did just use our new little slogan and I love it. Let's take a look as some creative ways to make your BGC Week a memorable one !

First, Pathways.

Pathways allow members to focus on something they are passionate or excited about for a large part of the day. Our Program Director, Amber and I planned this awesome Imaginarium BGC Week and members LOVED it!

For activity descriptions and schedule click here!

Second, you could theme each day based on something the Club represents! Let's take a look...

Members participate in activities that focus on a key Club area!

Finally, I have a list of cool things you could add to your week to make is super special!

  • Market Your Week

  • Make social media posts, create flyers, build hype with members!

  • Invite Board members and some community members to see everything you have to offer!

  • TIP: Make a quick, at a glace sheet for parents, like this one!

  • Host a special event:

  • Lip-Synching Contest, Family Night, Talent Show, Color Wars, Mental Health Fair, Art Showcase, Program showcase etc.

  • Recognize Members!

  • Name a BGC Week King, Queen, Prince, and Princess

  • This is one of my favorite traditions. Staff members nominate a boy and a girl who have killed it during the week! All those names get put on a ballot along with all staff members. Everyone votes for their top pick! Then you name a male staff, female staff, male member, and female member at a recognition ceremony. Get or make a cheap crown and us to create a cool certificate! So much fun and could be an excellent tradition!

  • You could also give out certificates like these!

  • Have a Spirit Day or two...

  • Check out this list of cool spirit days!

  • Plan some field trips!

  • If you have the means, this week is a great time to get kids out of the Club!

  • Have Members Showcase Themselves!

  • This could be as simple as giving members time to share about the Club to having members complete a BGC Week poster like this one!

Now, it is your turn! If you have any great ideas for BGC Week, shoot me a message and I will add it to this page! Also, let me know if you need any additional resources! Happy to share!

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