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Healthy Habits

I try to live my life by these words: "If You Are the Smartest Person in the Room...Find Another Room."

As an adult, I have adopted this quote in many of the things I do. I have realized that I learn a lot from others, I love to collaborate, and when others challenge me, I am better.

I know I talk about them a lot, but I have the best team of warriors at my Club. Even though the majority of them are college students, I am 100% confident that they teach me everyday. I could do their job, if necessary, but they are better at it than I am. They are passionate, smart, kind, and work really hard. It is difficult to find people like this in our area, but I have...and I am so grateful.

This week has been our down training week and they are soaking everything up. We are fortunate enough to have a lot of veteran staff so our New Hire Training process was not as time consuming as it has been in the past. Amber, our Program Director, led a quick activity where she asked her staff to respond to the following questions:

  1. How Can We Encourage Good Hygiene?

  2. How Can We Encourage Physical Fitness?

  3. How Can We Encourage A Healthy Diet?

  4. How Can We Model Good Behavior/Examples?

  5. How Can We Provide Healthy Resources For Families?

Our staffies came up with some wonderful ideas and I thought it would be good to share in case you can benefit from them too! Here is a printable version if you need it!

Encouraging Good Hygiene:

  • Make a Hand Washing How-To sign for member restrooms.

  • Have discussions with members about how you practiced good hygiene as a kiddo!

  • Make hygiene kits for each program area.

  • Have all members use germ-x before eating meals.

  • Have all areas participate in oral hygiene after lunch, with the help of tooth truck professionals.

Encouraging Physical Activity:

  • Lead by example…Be always participating WITH members, when leading activities.

  • Use excitement and enthusiasm to encourage more member participation.

  • In low-activity areas, take active breaks where members get up and do different activities and work outs…Brain Breaks.

  • Use small active games for lining up/transitions.

  • Play large group games on playground…encourage active, large group participation.

Encourage Healthy Diet:

  • When using drink stand, incorporate healthier options for sell. Some ideas mentioned, flavored waters, smoothies, juices.

  • Run Healthy Habits and add additional relevant activities.

  • Buy healthier/lower sugar options for Ozark Food Harvest snacks.

  • Utilize salad bar twice a month during meal times.

  • Use garden to get kids interested in trying new fruits and veggies.

Model Good Examples:

  • Staff sit down and eat provided at snack with kids…encourage kids to try their fruits and veggies.

  • Carry water bottles always. Look presentable!

  • Present your best self! If staff eat food while at work, making sure it’s healthy!

  • Model healthy eating while at work. Brush teeth with kids in brushing program.

  • Talk about the exercise you do yourself. Be a big kid!!!

  • Bring members who are drifting back into activities by using them as helpers and leaders. Tell kids about your fitness goals.

Provide Resources for Families:

  • Continue to utilize Burrell Behavioral Health partnership for family needs.

  • Host a family care day.

  • Use farmers market stand weekly for fresh produce distribution, recipe cards, and concern box.

  • Invite families to join BGC Springfield Facebook page.

  • Provide resources for community assistance agencies like W.I.C., Health Department, etc.

  • Handouts to remind parents of good health practices, like trips to the dentist for example.

  • Make a member recipe book, as a fundraiser.

Questions, comments, ideas, need help? Holler at me!

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