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Area Schedules

Hello everyone!

I hope you are off to a wonderful school year. When I was a teacher, I was lucky enough to receive a thorough training about Fred Jones' "Tools for Teaching." One thing he is super passionate about is creating a different space when someone walks into your classroom. I think the same applies to our Clubs. When members walk through our blue doors, we want them to be transported to a place where their worries, concerns, and other responsibilities fade. They walk into a place where they can be kids. That's my dream for this world, man. Luckily, there are some great, easy ways to help transport members. While a simple schedule might not seem like it can have this effect, it really can. When you walk around the Club and signage is fun and exciting, it sets the tone for your entire Club.

There are so many benefits to fun area schedules.

  1. They help members understand what is going on in a given area during a given time/day.

  2. They help parents better understand the clubs and programs we offer.

  3. They help potential donors understand that what we do on a regular basis.

  4. They help diminish the perception that we are a day care. We offer quality programs and experiences for members that day cares do not.

  5. They help create a climate and culture of FUN!

Check some of these schedules out! I am also happy to help you create one!

Click here to see STAND UP STAND OUT (school year)

Click here to see UNDER THE BIG TOP (school year)

Click here to see A PLACE TO BECOME (summer)

Click here to see YOUR STORY STARTS HERE (school year)

Here are some tips for creating your own schedules.

  1. Use fun fonts. is an excellent resource.

  2. Use simple wording so members can understand and read them.

  3. If you have the luxury, print in color and laminate!

  4. Make a one sheet hand out for parents. Screen shot your schedules and make them images in a word doc. This way they can see all the great things you do! If some of your programs or clubs require explanations, make sure you include them!

  5. Utilize me! I understand that not everyone has this weird gene. Reach out if you need help creating one!

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