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Julius Lott Youth for Unity Day

Several months ago, our Professional Association Executive and Committee Chair team sat down at Lambert's. Now, this restaurant prides itself in huge portions, Americana kitsch, and throwing bread at your face. Literally, you catch the rolls in order to eat them. What a perfect place for a meeting right? Anyway, we met to discuss a number of items: training, social events, money, etc. But before we started, Mr. Stoney (CEO for BGC Ozarks) started the meal leading a moment dedicated to Julius Lott, a Boys & Girls Club pioneer who recently passed. We had the opportunity to ask questions about Julius as most of us, though we had heard his name, never had the privilege of meeting him.

Sitting there...we thought why not dedicate an event in his memory. After all, he did so much for the movement, we wanted to ensure his legacy continued. So I decided to get the ball rolling. The committee, at our next meeting, chose July 15th as the BIG DAY: The Julius Lott Youth for Unity Day!

I started compiling information about Julius. I will say that this process was kind of emotional for me. I wanted a picture of him so I searched on Facebook. I found his cover photo and while on his page, I decided to peruse his wall. So many uplifting many kind much inspiration.

From what I gathered, Julius Lott created the Youth for Unity program or at least was an integral part of its inception. Youth for Unity is a BGCA program that aims to promote and celebrate diversity while combating prejudice, bigotry, and unfairness, and to take personal leadership in confronting bias. What a timely post.

Clubs in the SOMO Chapter TPA hosted The Julius Lott Youth for Unity Day in honor of Julius, education, and acceptance. It was a day full of fun, opportunities to learn and ask questions, and where every kid was reminded of their inherent worth. For me, one of the very best parts was that my Club staff realized that Julius and days like this should not be limited to once a year or once a month. Ms. Antonia, my amazing Games Room staff was so inspired, she decided to start a Youth for Unity program at our Club on a regular basis. Look at her right here, isn't she just so wonderful?

So, I give you all of this background to say...YOU SHOULD RUN THIS EVENT TOO!!!! Below you can find a bunch of resources.

This is a sample schedule I made for Full Day Clubs (my Unit is only open before and after summer school). For more information about what to do in each area, click on the picture below!

My Unit used this schedule as we are only open before and after school! For more information about what to do in each area, click on the picture below!

Just check out these amazing pictures from Clubs in the SOMO Chapter celebrating Julius Lott for Youth for Unity Day!

And now for the resources...

Click here for the Julius Lott Youth for Unity Day Informational Sheet (let me know if you need an editable version)

Click here for an amazing collection of Diversity Activities compiled by Penn State University!

Click here for other images for the Herman Grid Experiment (an activity about perception)

Check out this website for great hip hop history lessons and activities:

Check out this video to teach the history of hip hop to young members:

You could also share this gem when talking about hip hop dance moves!

Here is a beautiful video of what we did at the Sertoma Unit! Use password superheroes!

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