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Watermelon Festival

January 01, 2020

Host your own Watermelon Festival and encourage family time!

Healthy Habits

January 01, 2020

Check out these great ideas for promoting Healthy Habits at the Club! 

Junior Youth of the Year

January 01, 2020

Recognize outstanding members and prepare them for the Youth of the Year competition. 

BGC Week

January 01, 2020

Celebrate all things BGC with these great BGC Week ideas! 

Na'Maste @ the Club

February 19, 2018

Teach your members about mindfulness and the importance of emotion management! 

December to Remember

February 19, 2018

Make your winter break fun and memorable with these fun activities and ideas! 

Red Ribbon Week

October 16, 2017

Host an informative, fun Red Ribbon Week celebration with these great resources from Generation RX and Operation Prevention! 


October 15, 2017

Plan an awesome Halloween celebration for your kiddos! 

Junior Staff

August 07, 2017

I love the Junior Staff program. I think, if run well, this program can be incredibly impactful.  Here are some tips and tricks I have learned over the years to ensure the program is quality and meaningful.

Volume 2: Julius Lott Youth for Unity Day

August 07, 2017

Run your own Julius Lott Youth for Unity Day with Acceptance and Working Together as the theme! 

May the 4th Be With You

June 09, 2017

Check out this awesome collection of May the 4th Be With You activities and ideas to host your very own celebration! A fun time it will be! 

Olympic Day

June 09, 2017

Check out these great resources and tips for running a successful Olympic Day! 

Engineering Week

January 01, 2020

Host your very own engineering week and help unlock your member's full potential! 


January 01, 2020

Make the most out of your MLK day! 

Kidsmas Craze

January 01, 2020

It's that time of year y'all! Check out this post for fun activities and ideas for the holidays! 

Color War Starter Pack

September 03, 2016

Want to Run an amazing program that can impact your organization in a number of ways? Check out this comprehensive Color War Starter Pack! 

Host a Back to School Bash/Open House

September 03, 2016

Check out this great way to get families excited about the Club! 

Patriot's Day Packet

September 06, 2016

September 11th was a tragic day in our nation. While this day might be in our history books, it is important to educate our members today. Check out this Patriot's Day packet filled with ideas for teaching, celebrating, and remembering. 

On the Spot Fun Collection #1

September 03, 2016

Stay away from the F word (Free time)! When you are finished with an activitiy, lesson, or program, soak up the remaining time with these high-yield, on the spot fun activities! 

Keep Calm and LEGO

September 03, 2016

Kids love LEGOS! These resources can help you run a LEGO Club or add LEGO activities to your regular programming! 

Large Group Games

September 03, 2016

Have a ton of kids? Want to provide fun games for large groups? Check out this list of 6 games you can play with 200+ kids! 

Julius Lott Youth for Unity Say

September 03, 2016

A day dedicated to BGC great, Julius Lott, allows members to focus on diversity, acceptance, and education. Check out this great packet filled with everything you need to run the Julius Lott Youth for Unity Day! 

Top 12 Tech Lab Websites

September 13, 2016

Check out Glue Sticks & Management Tricks' list of the top 12 best Tech lab websites for kids! 

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