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Namaste @ the Club

Let's face it...all of our kiddos can have trouble managing emotions and stress. With the things our members face on a regular basis, they can use all the coping and management skills they can get. I believe it is a great responsibility of ours to help provide some of these skills for our members. Enter the program: Namaste @ the Club.

Namaste @ the Club is a program aimed to equipping members with the tools necessary to manage emotions, experience mindfulness, and understand the importance of mental stability. Not only does it have a wonderful, creative name

but it also teaches valuable skills that can be used in a number of ways! The program balances mindfulness awareness and hands-on activities to keep members engaged.

Programs that teach mindfulness, meditation, and emotion management can lead to a decline in behavior issues. This is one of the main reasons we decided to start something like this at our Unit. Check out this video about the benefits of a program like this!

Click here for editable program plans for Namaste @ the Club (many resources used from

Click here for DIY Fidget Spinner Instructions from Red Ted Art

Click here for Mindfulness Cards from

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