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Watermelon Festival

Sometimes in life, you lose people. I do not handle death well...I am not sure anyone does. But, one thing that has helped me, is doing something special for people I have lost. While I didn't know Julius Lott personally, I knew his ideals and his passion. Thus, LOTT of Love and Julius Lott Youth for Unity Day was born! When an avid Thursday night Bingo player, Mr. Floyd Agee, passed away and asked, in lieu of flowers, that donations be made to the Sertoma Unit, we started the annual Floyd Agee Bingo Family Night. His family actually attend the inaugural event and had a great time. It was wonderful. When my grandma passed, it was a little different. It was really hard. We were close. She helped run the annual Watermelon Festival in Rush Springs, Oklahoma. This festival boasts 20,000+ visitors during the second weekend in August. My grandma raised money, organized booths, and promoted the event in her hometown. They even named a road after her when she passed. After a few months of mourning, I thought...why not extend this tradition to Springfield, MO and provide a fun event for Club families and members? So the Sertoma Unit Watermelon Festival was born!

If you would like to host your own Watermelon Festival, or a similar festival. here are some tips!

  1. Ask for donations!

  2. We have been lucky enough to get prizes, watermelons, and supplies donated in the past. Just make sure you ask in time!

  3. Plan Ahead!

  4. Make a cool schedule and assign roles. It is also helpful to recruit some volunteers so your staff can participate and focus on supervision! You can also use this cool schedule and instructions! You can also utilize this big event checklist!

  5. Click here for decorative signs!

  1. Have Fun!

  2. This is a great way to get families involved! Also, you can have members show off some learning. For example, our DOO Good Gardening Club models how to make watermelon salsa using items from our garden!

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