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Website of the Moment

You know when you go night night after a long day and your pillow is cool, the sheets smell fresh from a recent wash, the fan is blowing, your dog is snuggled up next to your husband so you can put your leg out, friends is softly playing the background, and you just feel like all the stars are aligning.

That same sense of joy happens to me whenever I find a website that makes my life easier or allows me to embrace my creativity!

Today's website of the moment is! It is one of the best things ever invented. Want to make beautiful signs? Canva. Want to make a birthday invitation? Canva. Want to make a cool graphic to go on the best blog ever-Glue Sticks & Management Tricks? Canva.

This site lets you create documents, signs, posters, invitations, graphics, and more just like a graphic designer. It's easy to navigate and understand and you can save items directly to your desktop. Best part...


You can pay a small free for additional elements or picture, but you can make amazing creations in minutes without paying a penny! I love it so much, I dream about it. Just look at some of my creations!

Ok, now it is your turn to check it out! Just click on the Canva circle!

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